CCF Sunrise Run

Heart pumping, muscles burning, feet aching, lungs screaming for air… but we know it’s all worth it!

Yes, the CCF Sunrise Run is back – and this time it’s Buenos Aires! Thanks to HP Inc. for making this epxerience possible for 3 years in a row!

The initial aim was to do a ‘social run’ on a route surrounded by beautiful scenery, with a wonderful sunrise greeting the runners as they crossed the finish line. But guess what? This ‘social run’ turned into a competitive race, even after a late night of amazing entertainment, delicious food and fine wine. Thanks to all our dedicated runners for getting up so early and making it happen. The challenge is now on for 2017. We will be exploring more adventurous routes for all our runners. So be prepared, and we hope to see you at the starting line bright and early on day two of a CCF in 2017!


2017 CCF Sunrise Run photos